Digital Business Cards for Smartphones, Tablets & PCs

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vizCards are interactive mobile versions of your business cards that can be displayed on smartphones, tablets and computers with NO APP required.

vizCards help you quickly share contact and professional information, engage with potential clients and make a lasting first impression.

Your vizCard creates an engaging experience where clients can easily download and save your accurate contact details, access your social networks, blogs, and videos as well as view your professional skills and expertise — which demonstrates you’re unique and qualified to serve their needs.

Why You Need a Digital Business Card?

  • vizCards increase the likelihood that your information will be saved accurately every time
  • vizCards allow you to instantly share your colleagues’ vizCards through the firm directory to cross-sell the expertise of your firm
  • Over 91% of attorneys and 2/3 of Americans own a smartphone — vizCards allow you to leverage these mobile devices
  • As much as 88% of business cards are thrown away in less than 1 week and only 9% are added to contact lists


vizCards are engaging cloud based mobile business cards that work on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

vizCards are perfect for:

  • Professionals
  • Summer Associates
  • Paralegals and Legal Secretaries
  • Staff
  • Interns

vizCard Features:

Branding #1

Just like traditional business cards, your brand will be featured all on your firm’s vizCards.

Firm Directory
for Cross-Selling #2

Share all your firm’s vizCards (or just the ones you choose!) in a searchable directory to instantly share the expertise of your firm.

My Details #3

Your contact information can be set up with as many addresses, phone numbers and email addresses as you need — all of which will be included when your vCard is downloaded and saved.

vizCard Manager Dashboard

Easily connect and manage all your vizCards from a central online administration tool.

Downloadable vCard Plus
with CardFollow™

Your vCard Plus is packed with all your contact information plus any links and information from the other vizCard fields. Downloading allows clients to include the date and location of where you met plus any private notes while easily and accurately saving your information. Contacts can even follow your vCard, so if you make changes, they will be alerted and sent an updated vCard.

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ASL business card customers get an unlimited number of vizCards for their firm — a $999 annual value for FREE!

vizCard Pros

vizCard Pros include all the same benefits as vizCards plus additional features tailor-made for Rainmakers, Networkers and Seminar Hosts.

vizCards are perfect for:

  • Share your most relevant
    online content
  • Promote your capabilities
  • Build your credibility

vizCard Pro Exclusive Features:

CommonConnections #1

Leverage your network for business development! Instant access to mutual connections on LinkedIn and Facebook increases your credibility.

My Links#2

Deliver a digital library with one-click access to your social networks, blogs, articles and videos to build credibility.

Google Me Button #3

Include a one-click “Google Me” button that links to your hand-picked search results.

Set Up and Support

With vizCard Pros, you get all the support you need to set up and update your vizCards.

Online Business Card
Buyers Set-Up

Set-up and add new vizCard users as you order their business cards via online templates.


Optional real-time alerts when your vizCard is viewed or downloaded support your business development efforts.

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All vizCard Pro downloads include vCard Plus — a vCard packed with your contact information plus the information in My Links and other vizCard fields.

vizCard Upgrade

With this upgrade, you’ll get 5 vizCard Pros (see page 3 for more information), plus all your firm's vizCards and vizCard Pros will receive:

  • Ability to add important information regarding education, certifications, languages spoken and proficiency, practice areas and more to promote specialties and qualifications
  • Ability to add Bar admissions and year
  • Ability to add individual or firm wide Disclaimers
  • Access to the direct URL for your firm's Firm Directory and all vCard files that you can share in your email signatures, on web bio pages and more
  • Access to personal training (up to 2 hours) and ongoing telephone support throughout your subscription to keep your vizCards up-to-date

Connect & Engage With Everyone You Meet

Sharing your vizCard is easy — no app or software required!

Be ready to seize every opportunity and make it easy for anyone to get to know you. Your vizCard can be viewed and shared from any smartphone, tablet or computer without an app and can be texted, emailed, downloaded, saved and followed with CardFollow™, ensuring the contacts you meet can continue to engage with you.

Sharing your
vizCard via Text

Never Be Without Your Business Cards Again. Save your vizCard to your smartphone's homescreen and easily text your vizCard and your vCard Plus — all your contact information plus links and other vizCard fields.

Business Cards &
Communication Materials

Marry Pixels and Print. Print QR codes and vizCard URLs on business cards, pitch decks, speaker bios, PDF bios and other printed materials.

Web & Email
Signature Links

Make It Easy, Add It Everywhere. Include your vizCard in email signatures, social media accounts, and online bios to make it easy for your contact information to be saved and contacts to get in touch with you.

It’s So Easy, Anyone Can Do It!

There is very little training that you need to set-up and proficiently use a vizCard. Within just a few minutes, you will be very comfortable with this product. On-demand videos, tips and articles at