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For National Corporate Filing Services, call 800.311.5554. For New Jersey Corporate Filing Services, call 908.526.6648

  • Save up to 35% annually for registered agent services, receive reliable and superior entity filing services and become more organized
  • Corporate document preparation and filing services for the formation, qualification, amendment, merger, dissolution, withdrawal and maintenance of entities nationwide and offshore
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Product Description As the leader in its industry, ALL-STATE LEGAL recognizes the wide variety of needs and preferences when it comes to the complex process of forming any corporate entity
As a corporation headquartered in the state of NJ, ALL-STATE LEGAL provides filing services that are more specialized to the state-specific needs of our NJ customers. For this reason, our NJ Filing Services differ from our National Filing Services.

With ALL-STATE LEGAL, you can count on fast and reliable service that:
Notify you immediately upon their receipt of service process
Employ the latest technology to provide you with the fastest, most dependable notification and delivery
Provide online access to tracking and compliance data
Handle service of process and official documents with the highest standard of care
Receive and forward thousands of service of process and official documents on behalf of their clients
Have the most qualified team in the industry
Significant Savings

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